About Us

About Us

Like you, we love our animal family members. And, like many of you, we have felt the pain associated with helplessly watching the suffering of our animals who love us wholly and unconditionally and look to us for the protection of their well-being. Our animals were so ill that treatment with narcotics, NSAIDs and other traditional medicines frustrated not only us as animal parents, but our veterinarians as well. Some of the traditional medications caused severe side effects and other medications were altogether ineffective.

Our Special Formulations

So, it was out of compassion and a desire to help not only our own pets, but all pets, that we embarked on a multi-year search, enlisting the help of veterinarians and other experts in the field of cannabis research to develop our proprietary formulas combining only the best, non-GMO, pesticide free ingredients. Our products are manufactured using an industry leading bio-extraction and bio-refinement engineering process. MY BEST BUD products have no additives or preservatives and have a natural shelf life of six months.

Three Levels of Testing

Our formulations undergo THREE levels of testing for quality, consistency, safety and efficacy. The results are products which are Free of Solvents, Free of Toxins, Free of Additives or Preservatives and are Alcohol and Pesticide Free.

Giving Back

And because we are responsible pet parents, we give back to our community by contributing a portion of sales to charitable organizations dedicated to the health and well-being of animals, and the training of service animals for the disabled, our law enforcement, military, and U.S. Veterans.