First of all, thank you! There are so many misconceptions about products for pets. The scary stories you hear about dogs overdosing on marijuana has nothing to do with products like yours. You’re not making them swallow cookies or treats or capsules or whatever. Your stuff is pure, clean and works! Sorry, just had to get that out there! Now for my personal story – my Havanese partially tore his ACL.

My husband is an orthopedic surgeon, so I actually know the difference between arthritis and a partially torn ACL, a chronic condition and an acute injury (the first vet didn’t and put him on the wrong medicine). When the second vet heard (and even I heard) the little pop in his knee, the vet suggested we either use NSAID’s (before considering surgery) or try your products. He recommended the My Best Bud 1:4 formula and said that a bunch of his patients have reported really good results. Well, we had GREAT results, not just good results. He’s running around and jumping like a puppy, even though he’s now 10! Once again, thank you. My highest recommendation to others.

-Laura Y.

My sweet little Spartacus was vomiting and had diarrhea for several days. I was finally able to take her to the vet who diagnosed her with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome for those lucky enough not to have experienced it). Sparty has had this issue before and switching her food worked only for a little bit and he didn’t do well with the medicine – flagill, I think.

The doctor told us to try CBD and told us to look for My Best Bud products at our local dispensary. I didn’t even have a medical marijuana ID or card. But Sparty was so sick, that I got one and bought your products. I was going to try the CBD first, but the nice “bud tender” said to try the 1:4 formula because that’s what she had used and told a lot of customers about. She was right on. Within days, Sparty was back to her usual routine!

-Evan E.

I have an 8 year old yellow lab named, Max.  He has had severe pain in his rear hips and was barely able to move.  After trying multiple pain medications (and multiple vets), which only hurt his kidneys and didn’t do anything good for his condition, I reluctantly tried the My Best Bud 1:4 formula. I have to admit, I really thought that he would get high, but my husband was persistent and finally convinced me; he is playing and running around again.  Thank you!

-Scott R.

My little Rocco has had seizures for the past 2 years.  We have tried all types of medications including some of the other cbd formulas out there.  After thousands in medical bills, we recently found out about My Best Bud products from a friend who is also a vet and tried your 1:4.  Wow! it has been over two months with no seizures.

Unbelievable!  We are so happy to have found you.

Susan D.

I wish I had known about these treatments for my dog Dutch, who had a terrible last few months, while we tried all kinds of treatments, all kinds of expensive medications, none of which worked. To learn that his suffering could have been alleviated afterward is really sad for us.

Tom and Megan F.

Ziggy, my 15 year old poodle has severe arthritis and was sleeping most of the time.  Your My Best Bud special formula for arthritis has brought my baby back to moving around and having fun. We love your products and will recommend them to our friends and family and anyone who’ll listen!

Maria H.

My rescue mix was so anxious, I could not take her on a walk or in the car to the vet.  A friend recommended My Best Bud. I was not comfortable about giving her Cannabis, but decided to give the CBD a try.  I cannot explain how it changed our lives. I cannot believe it. We are so grateful!

Lavonne D.