When you look through our testimonials, or any testimonials on any website, you will see a common thread.  People have wonderful experiences with My Best Bud and write to us all the time to let us know.  Each story touches us profoundly and makes up incredibly proud that we can make even the smallest positive difference in the lives of your furry family members.

My Best Bud formulations have helped pet owners provide relief to tens of thousands of pets with a wide range of ailments, and for this, we are very grateful.

But today, we want to share a story to which many pet parents will be able to relate. It’s a bittersweet story because sometimes all we can do is chooses the better of two options and hope that, armed with knowledge and support from our veterinarians and with love in our hearts, we are making the right decisions for our pets.  The reality is, the decision to use cannabis for your pet is often a difficult one and pet parents come to it after much soul searching.

This is especially true when your pet receives the diagnosis Scott’s beloved Tammy received.  Scott is Tammy’s pet parent, and we would like to share their story with you.

Tammy is not a celebrity pet, or the pet of a celebrity. She is a very ordinary rescue pet, and that is what makes her so very special! Tammy is why we do what we do here at MBB.

She was in a complicated situation, and this story is not one detailing a slam-dunk victory, fraught with miracles.

Tammy was diagnosed with bone cancer, and there were a couple of options on the table.  If Scott wished, Tammy could undergo a difficult surgery to remove the tumor from her knee.  The procedure would result in having to amputate her leg and immediately start chemotherapy.

With this option, specialists suggested Tammy would have 9 months.

After careful research, and after talking with families who had been in similar situations, Scott opted to forego the surgery, not wanting to put Tammy through the pain and chemo, especially with a prognosis of a few months.

Scott consulted with his veterinarian for other options. The options, unfortunately, were pretty limited as far as traditional medicine was concerned. Luckily, their veterinarian was wonderful, and talked to them about cannabis, and what it could do for Tammy, despite the limitations of medicine.

Until January of this year, he was putting himself at legal risk by talking about cannabis with his patients.  Luckily, this is no longer the case thanks to a new California law allowing veterinarians to discuss cannabis with their patients.

Scott decided to try My Best Bud to make Tammy as comfortable as possible in her remaining months, and sought our advice on which ratio would be most suitable.

This is where our relationship with Tammy began.

From what Scott has told us, Tammy has been able to enjoy her time left on this planet. She is still able to go on walks, and loves playing in the ocean and both Scott and Tammy’s veterinarian are very happy that she is able to live out her days enjoying time with her family, doing the things she loved and bringing joy to Scott and everyone around her.  Just look at this beautiful girl!

Sometimes, the only option we have is to cherish the time we have with our pets. They are with us for such a short time and we owe them our love, care and support.  Choosing to try cannabis instead of surgery was a brave decision and one that many pet parents are faced with daily.  We just wanted you to know that we know the love you have for your pets and we take our mission very seriously:  to help improve each pet’s quality of life.

If you have never used cannabis yourself or if you are simply afraid to try it for your pet, you are not alone.  Please reach out to us if you have questions or concerns and speak to your wonderful veterinarian who can finally talk to you about cannabis as an alternative.

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