Can California Veterinarians Discuss Cannabis for your Pet?

So, of course, I would love to say your veterinarian can discuss cannabis with you.  The reality is, they can’t!

According to the California Veterinary Medical Board “a veterinarian may not prescribe, administer, or recommend or approve the use of cannabis for treatment of any condition”.   For the majority of states, you will find verbiage like this.  States like Colorado and Oregon, veterinarians are allowed to discuss.

Then, what do you do if you cannot talk with your veterinarian?


The problem the veterinary community has is that the federal government designated marijuana and CBD, along with other cannabis extracts as a Schedule l drug. Plain and simple – it is illegal in every state.

Regardless of the fact many states have legalized marijuana, and physicians are able to recommend cannabis for medical purposes to their patients without any disciplinary actions, the laws are different for physicians and veterinarians.

Without getting into the weeds (no pun intended!), the biggest problem for veterinarians is the lack of science (research), complete education in regard to risks and benefits of marijuana products including the inability to discuss cannabis for fear of losing their license. That is it!

So even in jurisdictions where marijuana is legal, without a specific authorization for veterinary use, veterinarians are not protected in recommending and discussing its use to you.

But here’s the good news: With heighten interest from pet parents and veterinarians along with state associations; state lawmakers are pushing towards some sort of resolution.

 • California proposed AB 2215, a bill that would require the California Veterinary Medical Board to establish guidelines for licensed veterinarians the ability to discuss the use of cannabis and to protect them from any disciplinary actions.

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