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Why My Best Bud CBD : THC Ratios

Over the past five years, My Best Bud’s unique formulations have undergone extensive research and development, data collection, analysis and testing to provide our customers with our premium quality products.

My Best Bud’s patented formulations, methods of delivery and dosing have been optimized to increase bioavailability, ensuring maximum absorption and quick onset to provide optimal relief not a high.

At My Best Bud, M.O.M. stands for our commitment to wellness, which is why our products…

          Maximize the full-spectrum entourage effect
            Our formulations are all natural and chemical-free

          Optimize the health benefits
            Three ratios for individualized treatment not one-size-fits-all

          Minimize the chance of intoxication
            Doctor formulated, tested and dosed for safety, consistency and efficacy.

My best bud products

20:1 Formula

Comes in: 30 ML and 15 ML

4:1 Formula

Comes in: 30 ML and 15 ML

1:1 Formula

Comes in: 30 ML and 15 ML

Whole Flower Cannabis Has the Potential to Help With:

      • Pain and Inflammation
      • Anxiety or Stress
      • Joint Mobility
      • Epilepsy or Seizures
      • Allergies or Skin Conditions
      • Post-workout Recovery
      • Digestive Issues or Loss of Appetite

Why Finding the Right Cannabinoid Ratio is Important:

Each of us is unique and reacts differently to cannabis. Cannabis is individualized medicine and NOT one-size-fits-all. Different bodies, different ailments and different conditions require different ratios, which is why we offer THREE different ratios of CBD to THC.

By finding the Right Ratio of Cannabinoids, in this case CBD : THC, one can optimize the therapeutic use.

To help find the Right Cannabinoid Ratio, please fill our our quick Right Ratio survey.

To help determine the recommended dose, please use our Dosage Calculator.



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